Well Hello There

Hello again! I took a bit of a break from my blog and social media over the last month, as I wasn't in a very optimistic mental and physical state due to over exhaustion and stress. I was juggling between work, university, various personal conflicts and MazRawrs. All my priorities were jumbled up and I lost who I was as a person. Taking a step back helped me identify who I was and what I wanted to come out of MazRawrs which led me to redesign the blog which I've almost completely finished doing, I just have a few more finishing touches to add and then my next redesign project is for my social media platforms. It's very exciting, redesigning my blog made me feel like I had a new chance to right my wrongs and start over which is something I was looking forward to. 

I do have some bad news, due to my lack of knowledge regarding technology ... I may have accidentally hit delete on all my previous posts, even the ones that I was really proud of are all gone! I had a bit of a sulk, took a deep breath and realised that it could also be a good thing, how? I have yet to figure that out. It's a new chapter of MazRawrs and I'm extremely optimistic about how it will turn out. 

     For those of you who are new here, welcome! My name is Maz, and welcome to MazRawrs!  I'm a 19 year old blogger and youtuber currently residing in Australia. I'm a Christian girl with a heart for Jesus, and I'm also a beauty and stationary obsessive with a thriving love for Disney and Pixar movies especially the Lion King! I spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest, Tumblr and binge watching Buzzfeed videos. 

MazRawrs is a beauty blog for the modern day girl with a passion for pretty things with an inner child waiting to be unleashed. New articles come out weekly, which include beauty reviews, tutorials, product round ups, book and movie reviews, lifestyle posts and various others!

I'm hoping to inspire others with the things that inspire me :)

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Luceat Lux Vestra, Maz 
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