Things You Should Do Over The Weekend To Have A More Productive Week

After a long week filled with hustle, bustle, mistakes and long nights sometimes all you want is to reset time. That however is impossible but I like to think of the weekend as a two day vacation to rest, recuperate and prepare myself for yet another week, which hopefully is a lot better than the last. For years, I've loved weekends because it's a timely fresh start which is a mindset I enjoy having in which every day is a new day and every week is a new week. It's almost a fresh start routine, I do the following things every weekend to ensure I get the most out of my week with a calm, clear and motivated mindset.

1. Write out a weekly to do list and my weekly budget
2. Change bedding
3. Run the laundry, iron/fold and put away
4. Thoroughly clean my room
5. Complete all outstanding work including the things on last week's to do list that I didn't get around to doing
6. Clean out laptop of unnecessary files and backup important ones
7. Check my planner and update it with events, things that need to be done and important notes
8. Check my emails & social media
9. Have a pamper night (which includes a mask, chick flick and painting my nails)
10. Schedule posts for the week
11. Photograph things for blog posts and social media
12. Reply to comments
13. Drink tea
14. Read a book
15. Have an early night

What do you do over the weekend?
Luceat Lux Vestra, Maz 
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