Blog Goals for 2016

 2015 is quickly coming to a close, and we are left to reflect upon the past year and create resolutions and goals for the next. 12 months ago, I graduated from high school and was waiting for a new chapter in my life to begin. I was 6 months into my Youtube journey and had absolutely no intention in starting a blog, mainly due to time constraints and fear. In July 2015, I took the plunge into the blogging world and started my own blog and have then bought my own domain, been to a blogging conference, met so many amazing bloggers and also fallen back on my Youtube journey. It's been an exciting one, and I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful support I have gotten from both my readers and the blogging community. I'm ever so grateful to have your support, advice and love as I pursue this journey that diffuses my love for writing, beauty and empowerment. I've only been blogging for 6 months but it has become such a lovely hobby to have so naturally I have a few aims in mind as to what I wish to accomplish online in 2016. 

      Stick To A Schedule & Be Happy With My Content
Being a working student, blogger and Youtuber has been a little difficult over the last 6 months and it resulted in my Youtube channel being put on the back burner whilst I juggled between university, working part time and my blog. I've also recently discovered my lack of organisation and time management skills which didn't help at all, for the most part I think it was because I didn't set myself a schedule for posting on my blog hence the erratic posts. Not only that, I would catch myself typing out a post and editing it during my free time for weeks before posting it because I set such high standards for myself and I'm always scared something I say will come off as offensive or rude. Therefore from the first of January 2016, I will be sticking to a schedule and lower the bar I have set for myself (I mean, how else am I going to grow my skills right?). There will (hopefully) be new posts up on MazRawrs every Monday until further notice. Let's hope, I can at least stick to that!

     Youtube Reboot & Quality Videos
I began my Youtube journey 2 years ago now, however I never posted a video regularly and slowly Youtube was put on the back burner once I started my blog. I didn't lose my passion for Youtube, I absolutely loved it but maybe it was because I find more comfort in expressing myself through written word but also because I was embarrassed to film my videos when there were people at home. I'm not sure when but I'm hoping to reboot my channel with quality content and regular uploads!

     Improve My Photography & Editing Skills
Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and my blog are starting to become such big aspects in my life and although I love planning out the way I want my photos to turn out - my skills aren't exactly reflective of that nor is the editing for my Youtube videos. I tend to get upset at my lack of photography and editing skills and seek the boyfriend out for help so this year instead of asking him to help me out, I'm going to ask him to teach me and also teach myself the art of photography and editing.

      Work on my SEO & Reader Engagement
It seems as though once you begin your blogging journey, SEO quickly becomes your best friend. I discovered SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a few months ago and tried to understand it but I soon realised that it was like me trying to successfully do math - a constant state of confusion and close to impossible. I aim to work towards understanding SEO to the best of my ability next year and hopefully it won't be as confusing as math! On the engagement side of things, I hope to spend time getting to know my readers better and start building a positive and supportive community that welcomes others in with open arms! 

      Active Reading & Sharing Love
I read blogs almost every single day, but I hardly ever leave a comment or share the post with others, excluding the posts that I save on Bloglovin'. I love seeing that little notification saying I have received comments pop up especially on posts I work really hard on so I feel terrible about the fact that I haven't been sharing that joy and that love with other bloggers. From now onwards, I'm going to start sharing some love around and hopefully brighten a bloggers day by engaging with them through the comments section, who knows maybe we'll end up being great friends.
I'm excited for 2016! What about you? Do you have any blogging goals for the new year?

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