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      The wintery months were an exciting time for me because I founded my new love for scented candles. I used to just have reed diffusers in a corner of my room and in my bathroom to keep the areas smelling fresh and welcoming as opposed to it smelling like smelly socks, farts (not that women ever fart anything other than rainbows and sunshine) and dirty laundry. 
     I honestly do not have the slightest clue as to how I had not discovered my love for scented candles till this year, it's like I've been living under pride rock! I came across Tanda Modern whilst browsing through instagram, and I had a look at their website - the aesthetic and unique feel of their website led me to shoot them an email as I was planning on including them in a gift guide series I was going to start on my Youtube channel (I have not got around to starting that, I will in time). In due time, I was sitting in my room sniffing candles excitedly! Alyson from Tanda Modern helped me pick 3 soy scented candles, mostly sweet because I am a sucker for sweet things so I ended up picking Tahitian Lime & Coconut*, Vanilla Hazelnut* and Lychee & Black Tea*. I was a little unsure as to if I would like the lychee and vanilla scents as sometimes I find vanilla scents to be a little overwhelming or too nutty for my liking and I picked the lychee scent to try and pry myself out of the box of sweet scents. Once they arrived, I must say I had no regrets with any of the scents as they all smelt absolutely delicious and I had to constantly remind myself not to lick the candle! 
    The candles I got were medium soy woodwick candles, now I don't know much about candles but I was pleasantly surprised when I lit my first candle from the collection and it began to sound like there was a small bonfire in my room! Not only that, the scent enveloped my room in less than 10 minutes which I found to be surprisingly quick but then again, the only other candles I've ever used were from The Reject Shop. I find that scented products often have the throw of a base scent and thus it's hard to smell the other scents it is composed of, however these candles had a beautiful base scent that wasn't nauseatingly strong and the scent of other components were also easy to identify. For example, the Vanilla & Hazelnut candle I assumed would smell of strongly of vanilla bean and have a hint of hazelnut however once I lit the candle, both the scent of vanilla and hazelnut were equally strong and fused together to create a sweet yet nutty scent. 
    Tanda Modern are also environmentally sustainable as they are vegan and the packaging used for their products is made out of recycled paper and card along with natural cedar wood wicks, soybean wax and it's all hand poured by Alyson! The candles also have a longer burning time compared to others due to the use of wood wick - the small candles have a burning time of roughly 30 hours, the medium ones burn for about 50 hours, the large candles burn for a whopping 90 hours and their latest addition - the triple wood wick soy candles burn for 110 hours! Tanda Modern candles are also very affordable, at first I was expecting them to be around the $30-$50 price range as they are handmade and burn for such a long time but in fact you can get a small candle for as low as $20. I am currently eyeing their Christmas collection and their Constellations collections, the packaging and scents look amazing! 
If you ever find yourself wanting to try a new scented candle, I'd definitely recommend giving Tanda Modern a go, you can check out all their fragrances and products here. A big thank you to Alyson for all the hard work and time she puts into delivering such amazing products and for turning me into a scented candle lover! 

Are you a scented candle lover? What're your favourite candles?

Note: The products were kindly provided for my consideration, however it has not swayed my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my disclosure policy. Thank you! 

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