Beauty Habits To Take Up In 2016

The year 2015 has come to a close, and we are nearing the end of January 2016 already! Time really does fly and over the past year I finally learnt my lesson - time is something you will never get back which has led me to have a "be extremely productive" mindset for the year. The year so far has been quite productive, I've done a bit of travelling and some finding myself amongst the busy cities. One thing I realised was that I keep trying to move forward beauty wise and stay up to trend as opposed to bettering my skills and my skin. I have also formed so many bad beauty habits over the years that needs to be rewritten! 
Here are my beauty resolutions for the year! I know I know, not another resolution post that Maz will probably forget to achieve once we hit July! Hey, no harm trying right?

    Wash My Brushes

Towards the end of last year, I formed a good makeup brush cleaning regime that I would implement about 2-3 times a month. Safe to say, I'm not the best a practicing hygiene when it comes to my makeup brushes - only the ones for personal use! This year, I want to start implementing the same regime more often especially with the brushes I use almost daily so I'll up my brush washing routine to once every two weeks and make it a habit to actually do it as opposed to a "I'll get round to it eventually" thing.

    Drink More Water

Water, water, water, it's the key to life. You can go hungry and live for a few days if you keep drinking water ... so in an apocalyptic setting - I'd be the first to die. I don't drink water very often and if I do, it's mostly cold water after training! This leads me to getting headaches and feeling weak after 10 minutes of being in the hot Australian sun. Now, I've put a few water bottles in my fridge so that I have a constant supply of cold water which makes me want to drink more. 
(I had two bottles of water today, and now I'm on my third! So you see, it's working!)

    Hit Pan & Use Up

Being a beauty blogger, makeup enthusiast and a shopaholic really isn't the greatest mix for my bank balance. I spend a lot of money on makeup, and have a fair amount of eyeshadows, palettes, contour kits, foundations and oh my all the lipsticks! This year, I want to approach it with a different strategy like only buy a new product if I use one up or hit pan on an eyeshadow. However, I think this will only apply to eyeliner, mascara, concealer and a few other bits and bobs and not my entire collection. It's going to be hard not to give into buying more makeup, but not only will I save my money but I won't have a ton of opened and used once mascaras around my room.

    Experiment More

I haven't done a lot of experimenting with my eyeshadows, I usually just stick to nudes with a bright lip or just eyeliner, foundation and mascara for an everyday look. This year, I want to expand my skill set and work with a variety of colours as opposed to just matte nudes! I want to try teals, pinks, blues, greens and purples oh and lip gloss! I was never a fan of lip gloss, I tried it once and it was so sticky and gross so I never went back but now that I'm no longer the 13 year old I was back then, I am going to give it a go again and see if maybe I could start wearing some to change up my look a little bit. I'm definitely a matte everything fan, anyone else with me? Matte eyes, matte lips and matte foundation! All the mattes in the world!  

    Sun Protection & Moisturise

I am extremely bad at using sun protection and moisturising my body daily. I will let my legs get scaly (which ain't a good look) before I realise I am in need of moisture ASAP! It's an interesting issue because I moisturise my face every morning and night and I use lots of BB creams or foundations with at least SPF 20, which isn't a lot but at least it's something right? Yet I disregard the rest of my body! Considering I live in Australia where summer is more like a trip to the depths of hell and winter is just a slightly colder summer - sun protection and moisture is vital!

    Storage Solutions

Over the last year, I've accumulated a lot more makeup and it's starting to overflow my little makeup storage area. I currently keep it in an acrylic makeup display, a cardboard box for all my palettes and also a makeup box so it's nothing fancy however now I'm thinking I should invest in something else like the iKea Alex drawers or a Malm dresser so that I can keep it better organised, more accessible and nice to look at! (Who wouldn't like waking up to a beautiful collection of makeup?) 

    Shop local & Cruelty Free

I have a strong love for all animals even the ones I'm terrified of, and it saddens me that companies disregard the value of life when they test their products on innocent lives. Animals need people to speak up for them and to contribute to this fight, I wanna ease myself into only buying makeup and skincare products from companies that are certified to be cruelty free. I also believe that we need to support our local communities more even though I've gotten a few things from some local brands last year, I want to start doing it more often and find more local brands!  

    Skincare Routine Investment

 I'm really bad at sticking to routines, and this year I want to get the hang of finding products that work on my skin, form and stick to a routine so that my skin will hopefully clear up, look and feel it's best. I tend to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning and use micellar water to quickly remove all my makeup and cleanse my face at the same time once the day is done.

What're your beauty resolutions for this year?

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