Blogs I Am Currently Addicted To

There are so many amazing blogs out there that I want to share with you guys because I can't stop myself from checking their blogs everyday in hope of a new post! Today, I was typing up a blog post about girl on girl hate and how to share some girl love when I thought "maybe I'll share some girl love on my blog instead of writing a post about how I can share girl love" and then I thought "practice what you preach girl!" and proceeded to have a spoonful of ice cream to congratulate myself. You can probably tell that my mind works in very odd ways (and I would use any excuse to have more ice cream!). So here are some of the blogs I can't stop reading! 

1. A Girl, Obsessed
    I discovered Mandy's blog back in my Youtube days and immediately sent her a small email saying "Please be my friend, you're amazing!" or something along those lines. Yes Mandy, if you're reading this - that was me #NoShame. Mandy shares her extensive knowledge on all things blogging, beauty, fashion along with helping her readers be the best they can be. She's got an eye for beautiful photography and graphics which I find utterly mesmerising, as every time I visit her blog I feel at peace even if it's during one of the most chaotic and dreaded days of the week - Mondays.

2. I Wrote This For You
    This is definitely the most random one of the list but once I realised that I have checked this blog for updates at least once a week for the last 4 years, how could it not make the list? Iain Thomas strings together the most beautiful sentences that captures at least a tiny bit of every being that comes across his art. I came across his blog when I was 14 and his words just captured me, and I found myself constantly craving more so I sought out his books and read every single one of his posts. I can't explain it, you'll just need to see for yourselves. Be warned, you may turn into an addict!

3. Vivianna Does Makeup
    A beautiful blog which embodies her personality through its graphics and the types of posts she writes, ranging from beauty, fitness, fashion and lifestyle. She's the kind of girl I aspire to be, she is down to earth, straight to the point and is extremely organised as she juggles her blog and her Youtube channel. She shares tips and tricks to make life easier, how-tos, reviews, and shares her knowledge regarding current and upcoming trends! Not to mention, she loves lists! (Just like me!)

4. Maddy Cane
    The aesthetic of her blog is minimalistic yet eye-catching with shades of pastel pink and white along with photos that you just can't wait to share on Pinterest. She talks about her favourite products, reviews, her wardrobe favourites, makeup looks, lifestyle tips and updates regarding her personal life. Not only that, she recently began transitioning into a cruelty free lifestyle which makes me love her more as I believe that animals should not be hurt in the name of beauty. 


5. BlushingKay
    Kay is a Malaysian beauty, lifestyle and relationship blogger as she shares her story as she commits to her significant other through a long distance relationship. I have so much respect for couples who endure the obstacles of long distance relationships in the name of love, I think it's quite beautiful and Kay constantly reminds me about the beauty about it whilst sharing the obstacles she has faced along with tips and tricks to make things a little less horrible. Although her content mainly concentrates on her relationship and the art of long distance relationships, she also shares her opinions on various products and issues along with an array of beauty based content. 

6. Just Little Things
    Gemma creates absolutely stunning makeup looks along with sharing the same love as I do for copper/rose gold homeware items. Neither of us can stop ourselves from buying a cute candle holder or a cute coffee mug! She also designs beautiful blog headers and sells a few bits and bobs on Etsy! (I currently have my eye on her rose gold arrow ring - it's so beautiful!). She shares her hauls, favourites, reviews and interior design tips and tricks on her blog whilst maintaining a beautiful aesthetic that simply makes you want to click for more!

Who are your current addictions?

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