How Long Can You Go Without Washing


  I wash my hair once a week, maybe twice if we’re going through a heat wave or if I’ve been working out more often than I usually do. Whenever I tell my friends this, they usually say something along the lines of “What?! No way! HOW?!” which is understandable as a few years ago the idea was completely incomprehensible to me. 

     To be totally honest, I was never someone who would wash my hair daily as I never felt the need to and I was also a fairly lazy teenager. My thought process was “my hair isn’t too dirty today and I have sports in the morning so if I wash it now then it’ll just get dirty again and I’ll have to wash it again tomorrow” kinda makes sense right? It has recently hit a milestone as I used to have to spritz in some dry shampoo once I’ve hit the 3rd or 4th day mark but recently, I’ve found that my hair only needs dry shampoo on the 6th day, which is crazy right?

     How do I do this? I don’t really know. I’ve had my fair share of shampoos and conditioners however most of them I found either weighed down my hair or made it feel oily and gross due to oil and sweat buildup after 3 days. The Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo is every blonde’s lifesaver! It is a lightweight shampoo that gets rid of the dirt and build up trapped on your scalp and in your tresses without excessively drying it out and tones down the brass tones in your hair at the same time! I usually wash my hair twice, the first time to clean the scalp and my mane, wash it out  and then I massage the shampoo into my hair again and leave it in for about 10-15 minutes as I use a body scrub. By doing this, it lets the violet toner work it’s magic and thus tones the brassiness in my hair in double the time! Once I wash this out, I use my John Frieda Frizz Ease Conditioner concentrating on the ends of my hair, leaving it in for 2-5 minutes and then washing it out with cold water so that the hydration stays in the pores of my hair. I also try to apply coconut oil to my hair at least once a month as I find it heals, protects, and hydrates my hair. I would usually apply it to dry hair and leave it in for 45 minutes to an hour before washing it out with my usual shampoo routine. If you have dry, damaged and frizzy hair, I definitely recommend applying coconut oil to your hair! It works wonders! 

Of course, I still have to use dry shampoo from time to time just to keep my hair looking clean, fresh and make it smell nice! My current weapon is the Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo mainly because I have the option to buy the travel sized version and it does keep my hair looking refreshed, clean and stops it from smelling nasty! If you’d like to decrease the amount of times washing your hair, I’d say keep some dry shampoo handy and take baby steps. Try going from washing your hair daily to washing it every two days, then slowly change it to every 3 days and so on. My hair is now as healthy as ever, I think a little bit of grease can be good for it as the natural oils from your scalp help maintain the health of your hair and it’s also helped my hair grow a little faster! 

      How often do you wash your hair? 

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