How To Tackle Your Day With A Positive Morning Routine

I personally believe that your morning routine really sets the tone for the day. I find that the days I sleep in even if it's only for half an hour, the rest of my day is unproductive and sluggish. On the other hand, when I get up early after a good 8 hour sleep, shower, change and have a scrumptious breakfast, my day is filled with productivity and I feel much happier! I believe that dedicating an hour or two in the morning to get yourself into the right frame of mind really sets the tone for your day.

    I'm not the type of person who needs loud, startling noises to wake me up because I am a relatively light sleeper and I tend to get really grumpy if I'm jolted awake. For this reason, I love using the Sleep Cycle as it monitors your sleep and wakes you up when you're in the light sleep stage so it doesn't startle your system. There is also a customizable alarm that can be set which gradually gets louder to ease you out of the light sleep stage. Once I'm awake, I usually respond to texts and catch up on social media mainly Facebook (yes, I still use it!), Snapchat and I'm actually slightly addicted to the Kendall & Kylie game so I do play that for a bit before leaving my bed and getting ready to tackle the day ahead.

    Once I'm as awake as I can be, I head to the bathroom to have a shower, cleanse my face and brush my teeth. Apparently, it's actually quite hard to find people who brush their teeth before they eat. I personally find that my breakfast tastes different if I don't brush my teeth and to me, it isn't a taste I quite like. Once I'm freshened up and dressed, I pour myself a bowl of cereal, generally Sultana Bran - it's so yummy! I like to sit at my desk as I eat, because I use that time to write out a daily to do list, look at my planner, check my emails and respond to comments both on my Youtube channel and on my blog posts. As I am a visual person, seeing the tasks I need to accomplish helps me get focused, prepare myself and mentally create a game plan for the day. I find that having a game plan, helps me increase productivity because it helps me prioritise what I need to do as well as prevents me from forgetting anything. 

    After mentally creating a game plan, I grab a water of bottle that I always have in my fridge and begin to make my bed and do a little bit of cleaning around my room. I find that cleaning my room is almost therapeutic and a metaphor for clearing the stress in my mind. When my rooms clean, I feel ready and motivated to take on the world for the rest of the day! 

What morning habits do you have that help you take on the day?

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