5 Ways To De-Stress | Stress Awareness Month


        Hello! My name's Maz and I am a stress head. What's a stress head, you ask? A stress head is someone who stresses about everything and nothing at all nearly 80% of the time. I'm sure every single one of you has experienced a form of stress, as it is part of our nature. We respond to pressure and challenges by stressing out which in turn releases the adrenalin hormone through our body and in turn can either increase your productivity or diminish productivity. I find that in terms of my creative outlets such as on my blog or my Youtube channel, if I stress I tend to get things done however when it comes to my degree and assignments, stressing makes me feel overwhelmed and I end up having a nap. Is it just me or does this happen to you too?  

       I recently came across this article on Jes + Bleu which enlightened me on the existence of Stress Awareness Month which started in 1992. Many of you are unaware of the fact that outside MazRawrs, I am currently pursuing a Psychology degree and hoping to specialise in mental health especially in children and young adults. As you can probably already tell that I, like Jes am also a big mental health advocate. I am constantly finding opportunities to talk about mental health (along with anti- animal cruelty) on my social media platforms. I find that although there is a lot more awareness about mental health now in comparison to say 5 or 10 years ago, we as society still have a long way to go. I personally believe, everyone will encounter a mental health disorder or issue or encounter someone with a mental health disorder at least once in their lifetime because mental health is extremely prominent in modern day society. 

       Alongside Jes, I wish to contribute to Stress Awareness Month and raise more of an awareness for stress. Here are a few easy ways to de-stress in order to prevent you from turning into a stress head like myself:

Get Some Shut Eye
     If you ever needed a reason to explain your napping addiction, here it is! It has been proven that napping can decrease stress levels in multiple ways however only if you nap correctly. An ideal nap would be between 1pm and 3pm for 20 to 45 minutes and nothing more, as if you sleep for longer than 45 minutes there is a high chance of you waking up groggy and that will procrastinate your ability to be productive. 

Move Your Body
    You're probably thinking "She's going to make me go for a jog", oh no that's not what I'm about to say at all although jogging would be a good way to destress too. Grab a friend and go window shopping for a few hours or even better play some of your favourite songs and dance away in the privacy of your room. It's an alternative that lets you stay in your PJs, not have to leave the house and slay the dancefloor!

Netflix & Chill
    Let's be honest, some TV shows can be really stressful to watch - Game of Thrones or The 100, anyone? Stay clear of those because we're trying to lower the stress not generate more stress! Instead play an episode from any of your comedic favourites such as 2 Broke Girls, Archer, Friends or even Last Comic Standing to help you de-stress. I generally stick to comedies because laughter is the best medicine especially when it's paired with some ice cream, potato chips or chocolate! 

Write Out A Game Plan
     I find that I get increasingly stressed when I am unorganised with no direction or motivation which is how I discovered that writing lists helps me de-stress. Weird right?
I usually start with writing out what I need to get done in that week, and then I proceed to break down the bigger tasks I have into smaller tasks so that essentially I can take one step at a time. If I get overwhelmed, I opt for a 20 minute nap and then I pick out a task and push through doing it. Upon accomplishing that task, I get a wind of motivation which helps me work through the rest and at the end of the day, I reflect on what I've done and realise how much my stress levels have decreased. This is a bit of an odd way to de-stress but I definitely recommend giving it a try, maybe it'll do for you the same thing it does for me. 

Pamper Time
     Pamper night is a good way to unwind after a long week but there is always room for short pamper sessions to help you de-stress during the day like running a bath, having a hot shower, repainting your nails or putting a face mask on. Lavender scented products are always a good way to go as it is known to be a scent that reduces stress levels and relaxing. 

     What do you do to help you de-stress?

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