A Beginners Guide to A Productive Study Space

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Assignments are due, exams are coming up and most importantly, it's the amazing time of the year where your favourite TV shows return for yet another season (Game of Thrones, anyone?). We all want to have a huge binge of all our favorite shows but in order to do that, work needs to be done and assignments handed in. I find that a great study zone, gets you in the mood to get stuff done - here are some ways to get stuff done in your study zone!

     Your environment affects your mood which in turn affects your productivity. If your study area is in your bedroom, I highly recommend you cleaning, tidy and declutter your room briefly before you start studying. It has been proven that you work better in a stress free, and tidy environment as it affects your mood positively which makes you feel more motivated to do things! 
    No female student enjoys having to study with a bra on, it is a fact. If you're a homebody or you're studying at a friends place, pyjamas is the way to go! (AND NO BRAS! It's great!). However, do wear appropriate comfy attire if you're out in public cause I don't want you to get in trouble. Don't forget to sit up straight with your feet perpendicular to your body as it helps your blood flow to your brain, improve your posture and prevents those pesky sharp pains in your back and neck. I personally enjoy studying in my pyjamas and especially look forward to whipping out my study onesie once winter comes to Perth!

     Keep your snacks at the ready! That way you're not wasting time walking to the fridge and back to your study area constantly. Many say that brain food such as seeds, nuts and fruit would be the best study snack but why choose seeds when you can choose skittles?! It really depends on the day, some days I'll have sultanas whereas others I'll have skittles, the choice is yours. Stay hydrated by having one or two bottles of water near you so that your brain doesn't tire out quickly, water helps you stay alert, focused and keeps your energy up. 

    Lists, lists, lists - I love them! It helps you prioritise what you need to and have a visible outline of things you need to accomplish. I especially like the kind of lists in which you cross or tick something off once it's completed as it gives me a sense of accomplishment, it's almost euphoric. Anyone else get that feeling? I tend to break my list into 3 subcategories; University, MazRawrs, Personal. It helps me concentrate on what needs to be accomplished and helps me plan when to do them as I set due dates for myself. 

    Social media is one of my biggest distractions especially if my phone is in my reach! Honestly, who doesn't scroll through Instagram, Facebook and play around with the Snapchat filters in attempts to procrastinate work? I know I do! I find that working in 55 minute sessions, prevents me from being mentally exhausted so I usually set a 55 minute timer on my phone and put my phone in one of my study table drawers. Once the session is over, I reward myself with 10-15 minutes of down time in which I use my phone, watch a Youtube video or doing what I do best - eating! I also find that using RescueTime or even StayFocused, helps me stay on track as it blocks out any site you find distracting! 

     If you're a music lover and find you study better when there's music playing in the background, play your favorite jams or your favorite playlists. I tend to use Spotify for this, and usually gravitate towards playing a chill or acoustic playlist as I find others distract me from actually getting work done because I'm too busy dancing and lip syncing. The best thing about Spotify is their huge directory of music, so you'll definitely find a playlist suited to your taste. There is scientific evidence that supports the fact that playing classical music in the background boosts brain functionality and overall performance. 

Now that you're fully equipped with some ways to get work done, you may reward yourself with a guilt-free binge of Game of Thrones! 

How do you stay productive?

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