My Horrendous Beauty Habits


     As a beauty junkie, you'd think I would have maybe 1 or 2 bad beauty habits right? Wrong. I have at least 10! I know the importance of a lot of these habits but I just can never seem to incorporate them into my beauty or skincare routine unless I absolutely need to. 

1. Body Moisturising
    I am really bad at moisturising my body.  I constantly find myself waiting for my skin to get itchy or scaly before deciding to slather on moisturiser. Gross right?

2. Micellar Water Cleanse
     I try my best to cleanse my face every night but some days, I'm either too tired or just so lazy! Especially when I'm already snuggled up in bed and then it dawns on me that I need to cleanse my face or remove my makeup. Does anyone else feel the struggle?

3. Biting My Lips
     I tend to get dry and flaky lips mainly from my almost nonexistent water intake and I tend to bite or lick my lips. I also peel the dry skin off my lips with my teeth, it's nasty! I need to stop doing it. 

4. Popping Pimples
     Alright, if you don't find some sort of satisfaction after successfully popping a pimple then you need to try it more often. It's an oddly satisfying feeling which is mainly why I do it, the other reason being that I often get blind pimples that I find don't surface until it's popped.

5. Tangled Hair
    I don't brush my hair as often as I should, which leads to so many tangles in my hair and extremely bad breakage. 

6. Dehydration
     This is is my confession - I rarely drink water. It's my worst habit, but in my defense once I start drinking water and have a few bottles within reach then I'll keep drinking and I drink lots of tea which is basically flavoured water right?

7. Feeling Myself
     Ya nasty, not in that way! I touch my face a lot, with dirty hands, with clean hands, it don't matter. I just can't help but touch myself! Maybe that's why I have a lot of breakouts around my cheek area. 

8. Picking My Skin
    I pick at my ingrowns and the bumps on my skin, I just feel like scratching it off gives me smooth skin so I'm always picking. You can probably gather by now, I'm a very fidgety person. It ain't good at all!

9. Hoarding Makeup & Skincare
     My makeup and skincare collection rarely stops growing, as either they're sent/given/purchased products and I constantly rotate uses so I rarely hit pan or empty anything. It's one of my resolutions this year, to use up more products and detox my collection! (It's so hard though, can I just keep it all?!)

10. Inconsistent Hair Maintenance
    As much I want to, I rarely go to the hairdressers which is probably why my hair is so dry at the moment because I haven't gotten it trimmed in the last 8 months nor have I used any treatments or hair masks except for the one time I put coconut oil in my hair. I wish I was more on top of my hair regime and paid more attention to it. 

    So, there you have it! These are my confessions, do you do any of these?
What're your gross beauty habits?

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