A Guide To Achieving Your Goal Body

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Throughout my various attempts at getting back into fitness, I found that one of the most important things to keep motivated was to have a goal body. I also realised that finding a goal body suited to my body type was actually really hard, and adding some indecisiveness into the mix made it all the more harder. I started my search for my goal body by looking through Instagram photos with the hashtag #fitspo but didn't find any that suited my body type, however I did find some lost motivation to keep working out! Here are a few tips and tricks that I found helped me pump through to achieve my fitness goals.

Goal Body 
    Find a goal body that is similar to your body type and keep in mind that everyone's body is different, so the result of your workouts may not be exactly like your goal body but it will be similar. I tend to use Instagram hashtags to find the goal body that I want to achieve, however if you're a curvy person like me - it takes a whole lot of scrolling, patience is key. Once you find that goal body, screenshot it and make it the home screen on your phone or your laptop so that it is a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. 

Push Through
    Sometimes there's those days when you just don't have any motivation whatsoever to do anything active, and you just want to stay curled up in bed and binge watch Netflix. I often experience those days in winter, because I don't like feeling cold and refuse to get out of my warm and cosy bed. I personally find that scrolling through fitness accounts or fitness hashtags on Instagram such as @barbellbrigade, @blogilates, #fitspo and #bodygoals, fuels my motivation to get out of bed and work out. I think this is because I know I can achieve my goal if I work hard at it, and I just needed something like a photo, quote or any other small boost of motivation to push through. 

Squad Out
     Ever sit around with your squad and talk about your lack of a fitness regime, how unmotivated you are to get fit, how you're too busy to do it or even how you wished you saw each other more often? Getting fit can be used to strengthen the bond your squad has by organising a time to attend the gym together, sign up for a fitness calendar or a fitness challenge, or skype each other while you work out in the comfort of your own home. It's a great way to motivate each other and yourself to keep fit and helps build a close and healthy relationship with your squad. #SquadGoals, anyone?

Do Something You Enjoy
     I don't enjoy strenuous exercises like running, jump rope or bike riding as a form of exercise due to having weak knees, however I do enjoy dancing, pilates and weight training which is why I participate in group fitness classes run by Jungle Body Perth which is essentially music based cardio exercise incorporating pilates, alongside participating in the Blogilates monthly calendars and doing some weight training at least once a week. I like the Jungle Body because it's an affordable way to exercise, and it's a way to meet more people however I also love doing Blogilates and weight training equally as I can do it in the comfort of my own home without being paranoid of someone judging the way I exercise. 

Don't Let The Scale Control You
     For a long time, I had always wanted to exercise to lose weight but when the results didn't show up on the scale, I felt like my efforts were going nowhere. Once I started exercising to achieve my goal body, I began to realise that not only did I lose weight but my body felt a lot more stronger, I felt more energised and more motivated to take on life's obstacles. This overall feeling of being healthier and stronger that showed not only physically with muscle, definition and clear skin but it also affected me mentally as my brain didn't tire out as quick because I slept better, woke up more energised and felt happier. The problem with weight tracking and calorie tracking is that you don't see the progress and the difference working out has made on your body when it doesn't show up on the scale, not only that calorie tracking can also diminish the fun in eating which is why I have switched to eating healthy portions of food as opposed to eating till I am full. 

Don't Overwork Yourself
     I can't stress how important it is to listen to your body and keep pushing yourself without working yourself to the ground. I have personally pushed myself more than my body could handle and the aftereffects were horrible, which is why this is such an important tip for me to share. Have a rest day at least once a week or perform lighter exercises during your rest day, a rest day helps your muscles recover and rejuvenate to accommodate for the workouts the next week brings. If your muscles don't recover and rejuvenate, you are more susceptible to hurting yourself whilst exercising which can then affect other areas of your life such as work, mental health or even physical health. Listen to what your body tells you, if it can't keep going - don't push it. 

What do you do to achieve your goal body?

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