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Juice cleanses and tea toxes have become all the rage in social media as of late, due to the fact that fitness and athleisure has now become a trend. I personally quite enjoy the fact that fitness has started becoming a trend especially on social media as it promotes striving for a healthy lifestyle as opposed to finding shortcut ways to achieve the 'skinny body' that was constantly portrayed over media outlets. 

    Whilst I was spending time in Kuala Lumpur, I came across Life Juice, a juicery company that prides itself on using the best ingredients alongside providing juices with nutrient transparency as the founders realised that many juices have hidden preservatives, artificial colours, chemicals and etc. Their mission is to provide juices that allow every individual to be aware of what they are consuming as a nourished body has the energy to support you to do all that you love. "And when you set yourself up for success, success isn’t hard to find". I personally thought that their mission was pretty amazing as it helped enrich the people and the community by enriching their products. 

    The juice cleanse aimed to eliminate toxins that are consumed from the water we drink, food we eat and air we breathe. The cleanse helps redirecting the energy for digestion to helping repair and regenerate the system.My boyfriend was also intrigued by the idea of a juice cleanse which thus led us to purchasing two 'Starter Cleanse' packages, one for each of us. Each package contained 6 Life Juice juices ; the Nutty Professor, Sun Kissed, Kiss From A Rose, Pasion, Green-tox, and Salad-In-A-Bottle. I personally did not enjoy the Nutty Professor juice but that was because I'm not a fan of nuts that aren't peanuts, however Ty (the boyfriend) did enjoy it. The instructions were to consume a bottle of juice every 2 hours in the order given, to drink at least 10 glasses of water and to eat plant based food such as fruits, carrots and etc if hunger attacks. We started our cleanse at 10am with the Nutty Professor, and aimed to drink one glass of water in between each juice. 

    The juices were extremely tasty (although I personally didn't like the taste of the Nutty Professor) however 3 juices later, we were struggling! We were so full with liquid, it was uncomfortable and no matter how many times we would pee and still feel beyond full. I tried to power through, as I could see the light at the end of the tunnel however as I kept drinking my 4th bottle of juice, I was getting extremely uncomfortable. I couldn't move as quickly as normal as I felt the constant need of throwing up due to having so much liquid in my stomach, it was a horrid feeling. I didn't end up finishing the cleanse but I did drink the juices the day after.

    The juice cleanse seemed to have achieved a bit more than it aimed to as it cleansed my system, rehydrated me and I felt more energized after. Although I couldn't push through and complete the cleanse, I would probably attempt it again as I believe our systems need to be detoxed every once in a while. The juices we got from LifeJuice Co were absolutely delicious and refreshing especially during the sweltering Malaysian heat. Overall, I find that doing a juice cleanse every once in a while will help re-nourish and rejuvenate your body without making you sit on the toilet for at least half an hour (for those of you have tried teatoxes, you probably know what I mean!)

What're your thoughts on juice cleanses? Have you tried them?

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