QV Gentle Foaming Cleanser & QV Face Oil Free Daily Moisturiser | Review

Australia made and owned, QV Skincare is well known amongst many beauty and skincare lovers. Their products cater to all skin types including those with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. QV has become an iconic skincare brand as their products aim to cleanse and moisturise dry sensitive skin alongside being practical and gentle for everyday use. Over the last few weeks, my skin has decided to switch over from being combination oily to combination dry which has led to flakiness and tightness on certain areas of my face. I've never had dry skin before and due to it being extremely dry, it has become slightly irritated and sensitive which fuelled my search for a gentle cleanser and moisturiser for everyday use. 

I began trialling the QV Gentle Foaming Cleanser* and their new QV Face Oil Free Daily Moisturiser* 4 weeks ago. The cleanser was extremely gentle and even though it was a foaming cleanser, it didn't dry out my skin as many other foaming cleansers tend to do. I also found that it works wonders in removing make up when used with my Spin For Perfect Skin Brush, which is a an affordable dupe of the Clarisonic brush line. During my first week of using the cleanser, I constantly felt that it was not thoroughly cleansing my skin as it was so gentle however after getting used to the gentleness of the cleanser, I realised that this wasn't the case and that I was just not used to using such a gentle and non-soapy cleanser. 

The QV Face Oil Free Daily Moisturiser* is a new addition to their skincare line. It claims to tame oily and combination skin with the use of vitamin B3, glycerin and witch hazel alongside being fragrance free and free from common irritants. It also has a mattifying effect which I believe makes it more suitable to those with oily and combination - oily skin, however it is a subtle mattifying effect which allows it to be used by those with mild dry skin as it won't further dry out the skin. I personally found that the moisturiser does in fact achieve all that it claims to, however I do prefer a moisturiser that is extremely hydrating which I didn't think the QV moisturiser did. It is a great moisturiser for during the day, however I would use my Neutrogena Hydroboost Moisturiser during my night time skincare routine for an extra surge of moisture. The moisturiser can also be used as a mattifying primer, which I personally thought was great as you pay one price for a product that has more than one use. I tried using the moisturiser as primer but I didn't quite like the feel of the moisturiser under the makeup as it didn't sit as well as it would, had I used a silicon based primer. I will however give it a few more tries to see if it grows on me. 

Overall, I felt that the cleanser thoroughly cleansed my skin in a gentle way without irritating or further drying out my skin. The moisturiser helped keep my skin moisturised throughout the day alongside keeping the shininess at bay and when paired with the cleanser, they make a great team for those with sensitive combination skin. The QV skincare line can be found in pharmacies Australia wide, the RRP of the QV Gentle Foaming Cleanser (150ml) is $10.95 and the RRP of the QV Face Oil Free Daily Moisturiser (75g) is $16.60. 

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