The Start Of My Fitness Journey

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   One of my goals for this year was to give my fitness journey a reboot. I was an extremely athletic person throughout my school years, as I was involved in many sport teams such as European handball, basketball, soccer, athletics and I was an avid swimmer and dancer. I had to abruptly refrain from sport due to sustaining a few injuries from overexertion, which thus ignited the flame of my potato life. 

I find that delving into a workout routine alongside making a few lifestyle changes helps me stay motivated to stick to the new addition to my routine. Here are a few things, I am doing to get back into a shape that doesn't resemble a circle :

  • Group Fitness Classes Participating in Jungle Body classes which is a choreographed "exercise to music" group fitness class including Konga. I find this extremely fun to do, especially being a dancer and it also gets the cardio I need in without irritating my injuries as I can still move at my own pace. 

  • Monthly Workout Calendar Commit to the Blogilates May Calendar as I completed the Beginner's 2.0 Calendar last month.

  • Goal Setting Setting small and manageable goals weekly such as walk at least 3 km a week and slowly increase the distance will help me stay active and constantly challenge myself.

  • Stretch! Start every morning with some stretches to get my blood flowing and wake my body up

  • Drink more water! I keep saying this but it is still the ultimate struggle for me.

  • Snack healthilyI have a bit of a snacking habit and I tend to reach for junk food, so by changing those snacks to foods like fruit, sultanas, nuts and other "brain foods", I get the best of both snacking and being healthy. 

  • Portion control Being a Malaysian, I love rice! I tend to have multiple servings of it and have no self control. I decided that I would learn to portion my food so that I have the luxury of eating what I like but not eating in excession. 

  • Cooking More Cooking at home will improve both my cooking ability (wifey material anybody?) as I could try an array of healthy recipes and it will also make it easier to track what I am eating to ensure that I am getting all the nutrition I need. 

How do you stay active? Do you have any tips to stay motivated and committed?

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