5 Ways To Stay Positive

Staying positive and having a positive outlook is something I constantly endeavour to maintain. I always try and find the positive in difficult situations, because I find that if I can be a positive person then I'll exude positivity every day. It's so easy to feel negatively toward something or because of something which then may impact on the rest of your day. For example, spilling a cup of coffee on yourselves because someone ran into you could damper your mood for the rest of the day until you start laughing it off! I'm sharing 5 ways to stay positive on MazRawrs today, and I hope it helps you find the beauty and positivity in your everyday life. 

Spark Joy
Have you ever felt increasingly stressed in an environment that was cluttered and filled with unnecessary objects? Your surroundings influence the way you feel everyday. This is something Marie Kondo's Spark Joy revolved around, your environment should have a place for everything and be filled with things that spark joy as opposed to general clutter. If it doesn't make you feel happy, inspired, driven and blessed; why keep it? Keep things that spark joy in your life, and keep everything in their designated space. 

Clearance Time
Stress can be very manipulative. I personally find that when I am stressed, I get grumpier, unproductive and then even grumpier when I realise how unproductive I've been. This usually ends with a good cry, which sometimes is just what you need to de-stress. I learnt a few years ago, that the environment I am surrounded by reflects my head so if my bedroom is messy then so is my mind. Once I start cleaning, I usually don't stop until I'm satisfied which could easily take an hour or so but the relief I feel at the end, is worth it! Not only do I feel less stressed but I also accomplish something which snowballs into a productive day. This is the technique that works for me, find what works for you and try to take some time out of your week to do it so that you constantly de-stress yourself which helps you stay positive, mindful and maintain a happy mind.  

Your Tribe
'Your tribe is your vibe' is something I strongly believe in. The people you associate with play a part in shaping your personality, and these associations will affect you in either a positive or negative way (or even a mix of the two). Therefore choose those who inspire, uplift and love you for who you are. Do not settle for those who are cool or popular merely because you want to be part of the clique as their values, and morals may change yours. Your tribe will accept you for who you are and will inspire, uplift, nurture and help shape you. 

Live Shamelessly
There are so many times when I stop doing something I like or something that makes me happy because I feared being judged by others. This occurred for most of my middle school life and trickled a fair amount into high school as well, until one day I realised that in the long term what others think/say will not matter. You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are, your likes, your dislikes - live shamelessly because life is too short to worry about the thoughts others have of you. 

Love Yourself
Love yourself, or more so learn to love yourself. Comparing yourself to others can work in two ways ; it will either motivate you to achieve something or bring you down because you haven't achieved what they have. The latter occurs more commonly because there is a line between comparing yourself to another person as motivation and inspiration and comparing yourself to another person to the point of lowering your self esteem. Fall in love with yourself, your strengths, your features, and your flaws, in order to do this you need to get to know yourself. Getting to know yourself may start with writing in a journal, writing lists and/or embrace being by yourself. I want each and every person to express nothing but love. I have yet to get to the point in which I can love myself completely however I have been learning to love myself and I can honestly vouch for it. It has helped me have a positive outlook on myself, on my environment and it has especially increased my self confidence. 

Do you have any other tips on staying positive? Share below!

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