June Goals

    I find that I am always astonished as to how fast time flies by once we hit June, every single year. You'd think that after living for 20 years, I would have gotten used to this right? The month of May was one filled with stress and changes for me, as I began living on my own, it was the last month of the semester, and I was constantly getting sick throughout the month which affected my productivity. I also realised that the months in which I don't outline my goals, either in a blog post or in my diary - I feel less driven to achieve what I plan to achieve during that month. We're facing the second half of the year, so it's time for fresh start and a brand new set of goals!

  • Declutter my skincare products
  • Find my own flat lay style
  • Create a blog photo station
  • Finish Season 04 of Game of Thrones
  • Improve my video editing skills
  • Finish reading 2 books
  • Start posting every week on my Youtube channel
  • Try at least 2-3 vegan recipes
  • Get High Distinctions for my units this semester
  • Complete the entire June Blogilates calendar (feel free to join me!)

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