July Goals


          Hello beautiful people! HAPPY JULY! We're halfway through 2016 already, that means we're just so much closer to Christmas. I've been extremely unproductive in certain aspects of my life such as MazRawrs over the past week and instead I spent a whole week with one of my close friends who was visiting Perth from Malaysia. It was a week filled with Orange Is The New Black and being refreshingly semi disconnected from social media.  I managed to check off some of my goals for June however not as many as I hoped to, I'm hoping I'll cross off more in July especially since the university semester has ended. It is now time for me to dive back into my hobbies and passions and it's always great to kick things off with some goals!

                                      JULY GOALS

  • Get back into blogging and filming consistently 
  • Host a fun girls' night 
  • Create and stick to a productive social media routine
  • Create an updated media kit
  • Read 2 books this month
  • Start doing my daily devotion consistently
  • Challenge myself this month by trying out Morning Pages
  • Finish decluttering my house (two rooms to go!)
  • Sit my driving test
  • Start working out daily

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