5 Time Management Tips for Students

University is a difficult balancing act especially for those who have just graduated from high school and are in their first year of university, I am one of those people. Most university students work or intern part time and actively participate in extracurricular activities, along with make an effort to maintain an exciting social life (without spending too much or getting in too much trouble!). It feels like we're being pulled in a million different directions which can be mentally and physically draining, which is why I find that it is important to learn how to say "no" in order to keep a balanced routine. Saying "no" is something I'm still struggling to do, as more often than not I like to think that I can fit everything into my week when in reality, that is not the case.

Here are some time management tips that I use to keep a balanced lifestyle!

|| Study ||
Give yourself an hour or two to spend studying and completing assignments, do it everyday. By assigning a time slot daily, it reduces your workload especially when you're trying to complete an assignment the night before or when you're writing up your notes for an exam that you have in 2 days. Don't pick up extra shifts at work during this time, or make plans to see your friends because we all know that when you say you'll make up for it tomorrow - you really won't. Schedule those times realistically, don't make it a Friday or Saturday night because there will be at least a hundred things to distract you and tempt you away from productivity.

|| Socialise ||
At university, you don't have the opportunity to see your friends every day as everyone has a different timetable. Make sure you schedule in time for your friends, you don't want the friendship to fizzle out because you were MIA once the semester started. Last semester, I managed to catch up with friends in between classes when I had a 2 hour break and I'd catch up with the friends that didn't go to the same institution at least once a month. If it gets too hard to arrange a suitable time for your friends and you to meet up, the next best thing is to keep in touch with them. Everyone has their own commitments thus sometimes sacrifices have to be made. In today's day and age, you could even Facetime or Skype your friends as opposed to just texting them.

|| Prioritise ||
Prioritising is very important especially in terms of assignments and studying. Start working on the things with the highest priority, then work towards the lower priorities. I tend to make the fastest approaching deadline, my highest priority. This helps me complete the task early so I don't end up having to pull an all nighter in order to complete the task before the deadline. Not only does it save time and energy but the quality of the work done is of a higher standard when it is completed at least a week or so before the due date as it leaves me time to go over it and fix up the parts that I was  unsatisfied with. 

|| Health ||
As much as I dread having to get out of bed and stay active, it is incredibly important to do so. Staying active is a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and energised - I don't mean go out and start doing 100 benchpresses but just walking more, eating healthier, getting enough sleep and drinking at least 2L of water a day. Start small and work your way towards your goal, for example I rarely drank water and it made me feel less energised and constantly tired so in order to stay hydrated I started drinking a bottle of water with a straw because it tricked me into drinking a lot more water (you don't realise how much you drink when you use a straw!). I also started doing Blogilates which I found to be short, simple and delivered great results. I felt a lot more energised, motivated and generally felt a lot better which helped me stay productive!

|| Rest ||
It is always important to have some time off, to rest, recuperate and binge watch TV Shows. It doesn't necessarily mean taking an entire day off, but a few hours a week or an hour every night also counts as 'me time'. The rest periods will give you time to do some cleaning, run your laundry, catch up on your favourite TV shows, recover from your busy week and prepare everything for the coming week. You plan out your own classes so don't forget to give yourself some down time!

Do you struggle with time management too?
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