7 Tricks To Help You Get Out of Bed Faster


We all know how much I love sleeping, sleep is beautiful...until I realise I have about 15 minutes to get ready before I sprint off to catch a bus to get to work or university on time. It is especially hard during the colder months when all you want to do is turn into a burrito and hibernate in the warmth of your bed. I'm starting to master the skill of gaining those extra minutes of sleep and getting ready to leave home without running around like a headless chicken and I figured that some of you must be the same and hopefully these tricks help you out too!
 A Shower The Night Before
     More time to sleep in the morning! Also, you won't have to astonish others with the stench of your body odour when you leave the house without having a shower because you hit snooze (again!) along with not overwhelming them with a mixture of deodorant and perfume/cologne.

Dry Shampoo
       If you haven't yet invested in a bottle of dry shampoo, I suggest you do so! It's the perfect quick fix for those days when you wake up and your hair looks like someone dipped your head in a bowl of grease while you were asleep. Spritz some dry shampoo on, rub it in, style your hair as you normally would and you're good to go! 

Beauty Regime
    By perfecting your beauty routine so it's short and simple but still results in you looking damn fine (which you most likely do anyway), it'll save you heaps of time in the morning! Aim for 5 minutes that way if you have time to add more to your look, you don't have anything to worry about!

Plan Your Outfit 
    We've all been there and committed the crime of wearing something absolutely horrific because we were panicking and rushing to catch that train/bus. I've been in that situation too many times, therefore planning my outfits the night before helps me avoid horrific fashion disasters and let's me sleep in a little longer.

Pack Your Bag
     Have you ever hurried yourself to work only to realise that you'd forgotten something vital such as your car keys, your wallet or even worse, your phone?! What else are you going to pretend you're busy doing in order to avoid making eye contact with the guy you confessed your undying love for the night you had a little too much to drink?! 

Loud Upbeat Music

   Play some loud and upbeat music to help you get into a good mood, feeling energised and ready to take on the day ahead , especially on those dreaded Monday mornings. 

Simple Breakfast
     Or even make breakfast the night before and have it on the go. 

The Temptation to click Snooze
     Don't give in! Try your best not to and also set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than the time you wish to get up so that when you do click Snooze, you'll have 15 minutes and the mornings that you don't, you have a spare 15 minutes to do things you want to do, such as make a healthy breakfast or alternatively lay in bed scrolling through social media and then losing track of time.

Do you have any tips and tricks that help you get out of bed early?

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