Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum | Review

I attended a Bloggers United event that was held in Perth late last year, and left the event with an armful of goodie bags alongside newly founded friends which constantly inspire me to strive for more in terms of blogging, youtube and social media. A few weeks ago, I decided to declutter the corner of my room which held all those goody bags and thus began trialling some of the products that I was given, including a deluxe sample of the Antipodes Apostle Skin - Brightening Serum. 

     A mixture of being a brown woman, acne scarring and uneven skin tone has led to my uneven pigmentation and dull facial skin. Having brown skin often comes with more noticeable uneven skin tone especially around the mouth and forehead area. Not only that, I was an avid swimmer and athlete during my school years which led to having uneven skin tone. During those years, I had not mastered the art of not touching my face and had a tendency to pick at all my pimples. 

     Now that you know a little bit about my skin, let's talk about the Antipodes Apostle Skin - Brightening Serum! The serum is water based and aims to brighten your skin, restore even pigmentation whilst infusing moisture and antioxidants to keep the melanin production that causes discoloration at bay. It also claims to reduce redness, renew skin, brighten complexion, even out your skin tone and keep pigmentation to a minimal level in 5 days! 

     I used the serum for about 4 weeks, and although it claims to achieve various things within the first 5 days, I personally did not see a noticeable difference within the first 5 days however after applying the serum twice a day for two weeks, I noticed that my scars were not as visible as before and over the next 2 weeks, it continued to fade which I was extremely pleased with. By the end of the 4 weeks, I noticed that my skin was brighter and not as dull as it used to be. I had incorporated the serum into my regular skincare routine therefore the change in my skin, could only be as a result from the serum and possibly diet (although I don't remember eating any healthier) which led me to believe that although the serum did not work as fast as it claimed to, it still worked incredibly well! 

     The downfall of the serum is that it feels sticky on the skin after it's applied to the face. The feeling goes away after the product sinks into skin, which took about a minute or two after application. I personally am not a fan of anything sticky but if you don't mind waiting for a minute or two before moving on with your skincare routine then I definitely recommend trying out this product especially if you have similar issues regarding scars and hyperpigmentation. 

     In a nutshell, the product takes a little while to sink in to the skin and the results do not appear as fast it claims to but  when  used as directed, the results begin to show within a week or two. 

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