August Goals

Over the last month, I felt incredibly disconnected and unproductive. I was still on holiday with family flying in and out and if you aren't following me on Twitter, you might be surprised about the fact that my blog was down for about 2 weeks. Do you ever get really stressed to the point where you become unproductive? That was me! August rolling by was just what I needed to get back on the bandwagon! 

  • Try at least one new recipe a week
  • Buy new pillows that support my head properly
  • Create a schedule for filming for Youtube, writing posts and studying
  • Complete my Makeup Artistry course
  • Embrace the culture and experience when I go to India for the first time
  • Finish watching Orange Is The New Black and Game of Thrones
  • Start doing daily reflections 

What are your goals for the month?
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