March Goals


       We are inching closer and closer to the colder months, and I am beyond excited! As much as I am more of a sunshine and ice cream kind of girl, this summer has been unbearably bizarre with extreme weather changes from one day to the next with the hotter days being really humid and sticky! I am looking forward to the cooler, less sticky nights where I can snuggle up in bed with a hot drink and Netflix! Over the last month, I gave my bedroom a refresh, began organising myself for the start of university (this is my first week back! eep.) and picked up more hours at work!

  • Get ahead on notes for my lectures and tutorials 
  • Create a routine (and actually stick to it!)
  • Clean out the two spare rooms ... which may have turned into cluttered storage areas
  • Merge my @mazrawrs instagram account into my personal account (follow me! @mazmonash)
  • Set aside a MazRawrs day to photograph, film and type up posts
  • Cook 3 new recipes this month
  • Do my taxes on my own

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