My name is Maz and I am a makeup, skincare and stationary hoarder. A beauty addict who mixes her love for beauty, lifestyle, photography and writing on a platform filled with Lion King references. I started out as MazRawrs on Youtube in July 2014, and then branched out and began my website in August 2015. I live to inspire and be inspired whilst spending the rest of my time in bed, watching Netflix with my bestest friends - Ben & Jerry. I also tend to do some crazy dance moves around the house whilst belting out to Hakuna Matata, as you can probably tell ... I am a crazy big cat lady. When I was younger, every time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would always be (still is) "I want to be a lion cub". Unlike lions, I don't bite so if you ever feel like having a good ol' chat - shoot me a message! 

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