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MAZRAWRS is a PR friendly blog.
All content written on this blog is written and edited by me, Maz. All products that are reviewed and featured on MAZRAWRS have been purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated. All PR samples will be noted with a * or c/o next to the name of the product or brand and a small disclaimer at the end of the post. If a post is sponsored, it will be stated - however regardless of how the product was obtained - all opinions expressed on MAZRAWRS are 100% my own honest opinion. If I include an affiliate link, there will be a note stating it is an affiliate link, and any money made from those links will be used towards the running of MAZRAWRS.

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All content written on this blog is 100% by yours truly, unless noted (ex. a guest post). I am not paid to write any sort of feature or review, therefore all opinions expressed are that of my own and I am always entirely honest in my reviews. If a product is bad or didn't work out for me, it will be included in the post. 
All images are mine, photographed by me (unless otherwise noted in which case there will be a link giving credit to the original location of the image). You are welcome to share my photos on your blog or website, but you must give full credit back to me and my blog or you will be reported.

MAZRAWRS is my baby and my business, I love it with my entire being and I have the utmost respect for both my readers / subscribers and for MAZRAWRS. I will only promote things that I completely believe in, and provide positive content and a fun and loving environment for everyone. I would like to thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement, this is truly my biggest achievement and your support keeps me going. 
*hugs the oxygen out of you*

  Luceat Lux Vestra, Maz 
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